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“I have worked closely with Lisamarie Bristol and seeing her commitment to justice and professionalism first hand has earned her my support for Gwinnett County Solicitor General. Lisamarie will bring the change needed to the Gwinnett County Solicitor General’s Office that will improve quality of life and help prevent crime in Gwinnett County. Lisamarie is committed to ensuring that the entire community - both victims and accused alike are treated fairly under the law. As a former Solicitor-General myself, I am certain that she has the right priorities for the office and her track record in the courtroom is second to none. Lisamarie Bristol is the public servant that Gwinnett needs as its next Solicitor-General.”
Sherry Boston
DeKalb County District Attorney
“I understand the importance of Gwinnett County agencies working together to promote public safety. Lisamarie Bristol will commit to seeking justice demonstrating integrity, and protecting the rights of crime victims as Solicitor General. Her experience as both a prosecutor and a defense attorney are invaluable in preventing and addressing crime in Gwinnett County. The sound judgment, initiatives, and passion Lisamarie will bring to the office will reinforce a fair and just system for Gwinnett County.”
Keybo Taylor
Gwinnett County Sheriff
"As a City Councilman in the City of Norcross, I know the importance of having leaders who are focused on improving public safety for everyone in Gwinnett. I am proud to support Lisamarie Bristol because she has the experience and track record we need and will make a great Solicitor-General for Gwinnett County. Lisamarie is focused on justice, she will pursue innovative criminal justice reforms, and work on crime prevention while leading with integrity."
Matt Myers
Norcross City Council Member
“I have known Lisamarie Bristol for many years, her passion for justice and integrity speaks for itself. As the Gwinnett County Clerk of Court I am involved with our justice system every day and know that this system needs great leaders like Lisamarie, Lisamarie will be a critical partner in justice, working to end the backlog of cases in Gwinnett and ensure justice for all. Lisamarie is ready to roll up her sleeves and get to work for a safer and fairer Gwinnett County."
Tiana Garner
Gwinnett County Clerk of Court
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