Keeping Gwinnett Safe

Keeping Gwinnett Safe



Lisamarie Bristol

Growing up, Lisamarie Bristol was fortunate to be surrounded by supportive teachers and counselors who instilled confidence in her and set her up for success; but she knows for many, that support system is lacking. That’s why, as Gwinnett’s next Solicitor-General, Lisamarie will rely on her experience to create a safer, more compassionate community through effective early interventions that protect victims and help to set low-level offenders on the right path. 

An attorney with more than a decade of experience in criminal law, Lisamarie is a graduate of the Georgia State University College of Law, and became a member of the Georgia Bar in 2009.

As a public defender, Lisamarie handled hundreds of cases in Traffic Court, State Court, Superior Court and the Court of Appeals. She identified the need for resources and alternative programs for non-violent and young offenders. 

As Gwinnett Solicitor-General, Lisamarie will steer non-violent and young offenders away from our jails and toward getting the help they need, in order to reduce recidivism. Lisamarie values diversion programs and alternative resolutions that give second chances while ensuring accountability and justice for victims of crime.

In 2014, Lisamarie transitioned to prosecution. An experienced litigator, she has successfully prosecuted countless cases on behalf of the DeKalb County Solicitor-General’s Office, the Gwinnett County District Attorney’s Office and the DeKalb County District Attorney’s Office. 

Lisamarie is uniquely qualified and prepared to serve as Gwinnett Solicitor-General. She will prosecute fairly and responsibly while working with community partners to advocate for victims to have the help and resources they need. 

Lisamarie and her husband couldn’t be happier to call Gwinnett County home, and are excited to be raising their three children in such a robust and diverse community. Lisamarie and her family are members of Berean Christian Church Gwinnett, where values of repentance, forgiveness and guidance are reinforced.

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